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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Off the Beaten Path

Paintings by Andrea Redmond
Wind Serf Farm and Studio Gallery
Saturday November 5th Noon to 5 pm, Sunday November 6 11 am to 4 pm

You’re invited to a show and sale of over 150 new and old acrylic, mixed-media and collage paintings showcasing a very eclectic body of work. This year Andrea will have a “sale” room with reduced prices on some older works. She invites you to meander the Peggy’s Cove Road to my home in Glen Margaret and into her neck of the woods.
Be prepared for a true mile dirt road. Off the Beaten Path not only reflects the nature and development of Andrea's work but also highlights the logistics of arriving at the show. And if the hills seem too much, please park your car and call 902-222-3078 for a shuttle to pick up you and your party.

WindSerf Farm and Studio Gallery, 29 Shadar Drive, Glen Margaret. Call for more info (902) 222-3078 or  contact Andrea by email . Cash or cheque accepted

Monday, October 24, 2011

Epic in a Box

Halifax-based theatre company Lohifi Production's touring production, Epic in a Box, is coming to The Old Red Schoolhouse in Peggy's Cove! Friday, October 28, 8pm.

This delightful 40-minute show has the audience sit around a table with actors Theo Pitsiavas and Christopher Little as they weave the largest most epic theatrical production possible from objects drawn from a small tin box. Comedy, adventure, romance, heroism and villainy are all played out in a delightfully innovative style that you and your guests will never forget.

Tickets $20
Pre-payment is required to reserve your seat
(902) 223-0991 or john@johnbeale.net
Only 30 seats available.

“When I was eight, my brother showed me an old tin box that he kept behind a board in his wall,” says Little. “It was filled with strange little treasures that he described to me in detail. There were tiny plastic figures, decoder rings, metal swords and other objects I didn’t recognize. There were even fire crackers for a touch of danger. Sometimes when he was out, I would sneak in and play with them. By the time I found the box years later, most of the contents were gone. I have been filling it ever since with my own objects and waiting for a chance to share with others that sense of wonder my brother had shared with me.”

International Artists Day

Happy Birthday Picasso
October 25th is International Artists Day and Picssos' birthday. This grassroots movement is not mainstream as yet but artists and galleries in communities everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon. Perhaps an overview is needed to explain the concept.
Artists are a much ignored group although almost anything you use day to day has an artistic design at its root. Throughout history art has been the most important defining characterization of a culture or people. Art survives personalities, dynasties, movements and civilizations. Artists are pioneers and are usually at the forefront of changing times and events.
True art is timeless and universal and recognizable to all. Where does the inspiration for art come from? What makes some art priceless and other art mediocre? Actually , the artist themselves are the lynch pins. Art that is inspired comes from a “formless and unexplainable dimension” and is translated by the artist. They are natural conduits and are household names because of the recognition of their contribution to culture and humanity.
The day chosen to honor artists worldwide is October 25th, Picassos’ birthday. Why this artist and not another was more a matter recent contribution. Picasso was instrumental in bringing art to the masses more than any other artist up to that time. He is the iconic artist personified. Now more than ever it is important to focus on art and culture. Mainstream television, globalization and the internet are wiring everyone up to the lowest common denominator. By giving our attention to artists, we have the opportunity for one day to focus on what is eternal and timeless in our civilization. Oct. 25th annually can give us a reason to participate in the arts personally.
For more information, please go to www.internationalartistday.com or www.facebook.com/I.A.D.Official

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Autumn Splash Art Show and Sale

Artscapes and Crossroad Artists, two art groups practising in the St.
Margaret’s Bay area, are holding an Art Show and Sale at St. Luke’s
United Church (Lower Hall) in Upper Tantallon 21 – 23 October. Open
times are Friday 7-9pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, and Sunday 12-4pm. A great
way to meet and support our local artists and perhaps further your
Christmas shopping ! Payment forms: cheque or cash. (Debit / Credit
will not be available). St. Luke’s is located on Route 3 across from
the Train Station Bike & Bean.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Exhibit by Andrea Redmond

Local Artist, Andrea Redmond, is exhibiting her marvellous collage paintings at the Amber Rose Gallery, 319 Main St., Mahone Bay for the month of October.

Andrea's own studio/gallery, Wind Serf Farm and Studio/Gallery, is located in Glen Margaret. She paints in acrylic and uses mixed media on textured boards as she explores collage. This exhibit will be worth a drive to Mahone Bay. Don't miss it.

Don't Miss This

The St. Luke’s Players of St. Luke’s United Church in Upper Tantallon will perform Mudsongs, a musical production about the First World War, on Remembrance Day weekend.
Written by local playwright J. Frederick Brown, Mudsongs includes popular music of the time and is directed by Hubley resident Elaine Forhan.
Performance times are Friday, Nov. 11, 7:30 pm.; Saturday, Nov. 12, 7:30 p.m., and Sunday, Nov. 13, 2:30 p.m. in St. Luke’s United Church, 5374 St. Margarets Bay Rd., Upper Tantallon. Tickets are $12. Call 826-2523.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pottery Workshop

Ceramic Artist, Mary Jane Lundy is offering offering a 4 week mask making and hands mold pottery workshop at her studio in East Dover
 on Saturdays,  dates will be
Oct 22 - 10 to 1 pm:  making of mask of face and casting of hands
Oct 29 - 10 to 1 pm:  begin creating sculpture from your face and hands, using low red earthenware clay
Nov 5 - 10 to 1 pm:  finishing up sculpture
letting work dry for two weeks
Nov 19 - 10 to whenever kiln get fired:  in wood kiln usually takes about 6 hrs, but you first will be glazing then loading so by 1:00 it should be already to start then add on 6 hrs.  Anyone is welcome to stay the night - Mary Jane has 3 extra beds and a couch :-) - to be here for the unloading the next morning.  She is suggesting a potluck for this day, please no dairy or chicken :-).  She will make up a big vegetable soup.

 Mary Jane can accommodate up to 6 people for this workshop fee is $100.00 plus $50.00 for supplies.  So  $150.00 covers the four weeks.
Please let Mary Jane  know asap if you are able to attend as space is limited. 

You can learn more about Mary Jane and her work here